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Sept 2023 - Schedule Improvements, PDF Results, Reports and More!

Welcome, HR professionals and employee evaluation enthusiasts! We at Express Evaluations are delighted to present the latest improvements that are set to elevate your HR processes to new heights. These enhancements are designed to bring you greater efficiency, precision, and control over your evaluation workflows.

1. Signature Configuration in Evaluation Schedule

  • You asked for more customization with evaluation signatures, and we delivered! Now, each evaluation schedule can have its own unique signature instructions, tailored to your specific needs. This means you can customize the signature language for different types of evaluations, making the process even more personalized and efficient.

2. PDF Result Improvements

We've made some enhancements and resolved a few bugs related to evaluation PDF results:

  • Signature instructions will now correctly display on the finalized PDF, displaying what the users were shown when signing their evaluation.

  • Percentage scores will now include the '%' sign, eliminating any confusion and ensuring accurate representation of results.

  • Section descriptions are now included on finalized PDFs, providing a comprehensive overview of each section of the evaluation, including any instructions that were provided to employees when completing the evaluation.

3. Employee Removal from Schedule

  • Now, you can easily remove an employee from an evaluation or pulse schedule, allowing you to reassign the evaluation to them if needed. This feature provides a safety net for those moments when evaluations need to be adjusted on the fly.

4. Goal Review Date Range

We've made goal management even more versatile:

  • Now, you can select a date range, both before and after the due date of the evaluation, to determine which goals should be included in the evaluation process. This feature enhances your ability to focus on timely goal reviews and provides you with more customization as HR organizations.

5. Evaluation Reminders

  • Never miss a beat with our new past due notifications. Set up reminders within the schedule, and they will automatically keep employees informed if the fail to complete an evaluation by the due date.

  • Please note that these notification settings cannot be changed once scheduled at this point in time. If notifications weren't scheduled when creating the evaluation, you can still trigger manual schedule reminders for a similar result.

6. Scoring Feedback on Manual Moves

  • When an evaluation is manually moved to the "Waiting for Review" status by HR, we now score the feedback based on the questions that were answered. This ensures that feedback is accurately reflected in the evaluation process, even in those situations when employees forgot to hit "Submit".

7. Optional Questions Enhancements

We've fine-tuned optional questions in evaluations for you:

  • If a question is set to optional and scored, the maximum score for that question will not be included in the overall scores if it's skipped by the user.

  • A "Clear Response" button is now available for optional questions, allowing users to easily remove their selections if needed.

8. Tag Assignments on All Reports

  • We've improved report consistency by ensuring that all reports generated from Express Evaluations will include tag assignments such as job title, team, location, and department. This makes it easier to analyze and filter data.

A screenshot showing toggles enabling tag fields to be shown on a report
Start by clicking the columns button at the top of your report, then add the tags you would like to view

A table of evaluation results including department, location, & job title
After enabling the fields in column settings, you can see the tag values in the report columns

9. Pulse Surveys Upgrades

Pulse surveys are now even more dynamic and user-friendly:

  • Pulse surveys now have a "quarterly" scheduling option to track employee sentiment and engagement 4 times a year.

  • Admins can now add additional instances to a pulse survey, giving you greater flexibility in gathering feedback and allowing you to expand existing surveys.

Screenshot of survey actions, including the new "Add Survey Period" button
Start by clicking "Add Survey Period" in a survey schedule's "Actions"

A confirmation box explaining that the user is about to add an additional instance of a survey to a schedule
After clicking submit, one additional instance of your survey will be added to the existing schedule. You can repeat this multiple times if you would like to continue to extend a survey schedule
  • If they are no longer needed, users can delete upcoming survey instances.

  • On the pulse schedule page, users can now access archived pulse surveys to review historical data conveniently.

10. Finalized Evaluations with Tag Assignments

  • To provide a comprehensive view of the employee that was evaluated, all finalized evaluations will now include tag assignments, including job title, team, location, and department. This enhances the contextual understanding of evaluation results.

11. Evaluation Due Date Filters

  • Users can now use filters on evaluation date ranges to view any evaluations that fall within the given range

In Conclusion

With these enhancements, Express Evaluations continues to evolve to meet your specific HR needs, offering greater flexibility, accuracy, and usability. Thank you for choosing Express Evaluations, and we look forward to your continued success with our platform!

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