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Your employees need meaningful feedback.

Express Evaluations helps you understand your employees' performance and experience so that you can focus on employee retention and company culture.

People Management Tools that Matter

Performance Reviews

Customizable evaluation processes that work with your organization's existing processes.

360 feedback options include manager reviews, self evaluations, and peer feedback.


Quickly and easily create and track employee goals, then pull results into their next performance review.


Managers and employees can then work together to set goals for the future.

Pulse Surveys

Collect honest feedback from employees by distributing anonymous pulse surveys.

After gathering feedback, you can view results in a dashboard that shows you trends.

Built for HR Professionals, by HR Professionals

We get it - As an HR professional you have a lot on your plate. Because of this, we focused on simple features that will make your life easier.

Automated Notifications

Digital Records

Customizable Templates

Explore Our Pricing Options

Because we've worked in HR, we know how tight budgets can be - Paying more than $10 per employee per month is not feasible or realistic for most organizations. Because of this, we have simple annual plans based on your organization's size with costs as low as $1500 a year.

If you need extra backup elevating your performance review process, we have optional services that will help you out as well.

It's 2022 - Companies should not be using paper for employee evaluations anymore.

If you're using paper, pdf, or spreadsheets for evaluations, you're probably spending valuable time- 

1. Mailing/Emailing forms back and forth

2. Filing paperwork and organizing digital files

3. Scanning and printing documents

4. Sending reminder emails

Express Evaluations can help.


What We Offer

Features that improve your HR processes without all the fluff.

Simple Employee Processes

Our focus is simplicity, no matter how technical users are. 


Employees have a simple dashboard that shows them an overview of their upcoming evaluations, open pulse surveys, and in progress goals.

Digital Records & Reports

Managers and HR admins can see results at a glance. 


No need to dig into excel sheets - Express Evaluation has intuitive scoring tools that help you recognize strong performance.

Useful Email Notifications

The days of emailing reminders to your employees are in the past.

Express Evaluations notifies people when evaluations start & reminds them to complete them before key deadlines.

Automated HR Processes

Take complicated processes off of your plate.

Our powerful tag system lets you customize your employee organization & helps manage new employees & termination processes as people leave.

Modern Architecture
“We purchased Express Evaluations to transition from our paper forms to a convenient and accessible online system. We use the flexible platform for goal setting, quarterly check-ins, and monthly call reviews. It saves time and money for employees, managers, and HR because they have everything at their fingertips.”

David K - Lehi City

Supercharge your performance managements processes with Express Evaluations today

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