Better performance management creates happier employees and fewer headaches

Express Evaluations will help you understand your employees and promote a culture of growth and recognition

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How does Express Evaluations help?

The features your organization needs, without the complexity and overhead of the competition.

Performance Evaluations

Recognize if your employees have met or exceeded expectations or need additional support
- Manager Reviews
- Self Evaluations
- Peer Feedbaack

Pulse Surveys

Understand employee satisfaction and sentiment with anonymous, repeating surveys and advanced reports


Track growth and progress through employee goals, review progress on goals during evaluations, and create goals as you look to the future

We purchased Express Evaluations to transition from our paper forms to a convenient and accessible online system. We use the flexible platform for goal setting, quarterly check-ins, and monthly call reviews. It saves time and money for employees, managers, and HR because they have everything at their fingertips.
David K.

It's 2022 - Your Employee's Performance reviews should be in the cloud.

Simple, Cost-Effective and Powerful

Features are designed to reduce the time and effort required by HR Admins

Customized Evaluation Templates

Bring your existing performance review process into our system or work off of one of our professional templates

Easy Employee Managment

Easily manage people and teams using built in import/management tools or use one of our convenient HRM integrations

Flexible Scheduling Features

Assign evaluations by calendar date or base them on your employee's work anniversary dates

Powerful Scoring Engine

Our evaluation scoring helps easily identify trends in evaluation results, identify manager bias, and quickly understand employees true performance.
-You can disable scoring if desired!

Email Notifications

Automatically email employees before evaluations are due, notify managers when evaluations are completed, and send out reminders if they are overdue.


Let your managers and employees create goals and track progress, integrating their results with their evaluations.

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of organizations surveyed are still using paper or spreadsheets for their annual evaluation process
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est time spent on annual performance reviews by managers, employees, and hr admins using inefficient processes
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in unseen costs by performing evaluations ineffectively for a company of 100 employees ($50/hr, 100 employees, 4hr process)
0 hours savings
by using Express Evaluations for notifications, simplified feedback collection, and assessment by management and HR
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for you to get set up on Express Evaluations and see how it can simplify your life, reduce risk of data loss, and improve the evaluation process for everyone involved

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