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January 2023 - Looking Forward

As we wrapped up 2022, our team looked back on the previous year and the enhancements we delivered, then set goals for the coming year. Over the last month, we used some of our downtime to plan and deliver some great enhancements to the system that we think you'll love. Let's get into it!

Laying the Foundation for 2023

Previously, at Express Evaluations, we have been focused on 3 core features - Evaluations, Pulse Surveys, and Goals. While these are still our core product features at this time, we've laid the ground work for some exciting improvements that will come throughout the year. To reflect this, we've updated our side and top navigation of the site, as well as cleaned up the user dashboard.

As you can see reflected here, we've improved the "Evaluations" section of the navigation by including shortcuts for Schedules and Templates (to relevant users that have access to these features). This allows HR admins to quickly move between the key evaluation pages.

We also brought Pulse into a new "Surveys" section. While we don't have anything more to announce at this time, we're looking to expand some of our default survey offerings later this year to meet the way our customers use Express Evaluations to gather feedback from employees.

Goals now live within the "Growth" section. Again, at this point in time goals functionality is the same, but we are looking forward to giving your organization more ways to promote & track employee growth within our platform.

Lastly, we've split out a few admin tools into a new "Manage" section. These are the parts of the site that help you organize & understand your employee data and customize the platform to fit your organization processes better.

People Management Improvements

As part of these enhancements, we've also improved our bulk employee editor - This allows you to preview data changes, remap column names, and improve the speed at which you can import new employees, process terminations of existing employees, and sync and data changes for your current employees. If you'd like a demo of the new import tool, please reach out to your account manager to set some time up!

Reports, Reports, Reports

In 2022, we heard one thing loud and clear - Admins want more customizable reports! While this will be an ongoing process throughout the upcoming year, we want to show you the new and improved Evaluation Results report. This should be a glimpse into the future as we work on additional reports related to Evaluation Schedule progress, Employee Statuses, Goal Progress, and other improvements.

Just a quick note - This is all mocked data from a demo environment that we are showing.

Our reports now show useful summaries at the bottom, displaying the number of unique entries a column has, or average score results for the given subset of evaluations. Users also have the ability to show/hide columns as needed, have the ability to filter by even more columns, and have improved CSV and PDF export functionality. By using the powerful group by functionality on columns, you can also build your own views to see something like average score by reviewing manager to recognize high performing teams and potential manager bias.

In Summary

In the final months of last year, we delivered some great improvements to our user interface, site navigation, people import, and reporting. In the coming months, we'll continue to improve the general site experience, improve some of the logic behind user notifications, build more reports, and much more. We're glad you're here with us and as always, look forward to hearing how we can continue to make Express Evaluations one of your best tools to track and improve employee growth and performance!

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