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November 2022 - Improved Schedule Setup & Notification Improvements

Another month comes and goes- We hope you and your employees are all doing well as you prepare for end of year activities & if applicable, your performance review season! We're here to help you out however we can with reviews and goal setting for the coming year.

We are very excited to announce some huge improvements for Express Evaluations!

Schedule Setup

Since we first launched Express Evaluations , we've made rapid improvements to the options available to you when setting up an evaluation. Thanks to user feedback, we decided that we could improve the setup process by breaking each step out into its own individual section.

Now as you go through to set up an evaluation, you'll be able to see each section at a time with an improved, easier to follow interface that walks you through the process. Once you've walked through all of the steps, you will have the chance to review the schedule's settings in an updated and improved summary page.

Notification Improvements

We are very excited to announce some new improvements to the way that we handle evaluation & pulse notifications!

Based on admin feedback, we've moved notification settings into the Evaluation & Pulse schedule setup form - This means that you can set custom reminders depending on the evaluation and employee group as needed.

Based on manager feedback, we've also added batching to evaluation emails - This means that instead of receiving multiple emails at a time for different evaluations, managers & HR admins will receive a single email with details about each of the separate evaluations. Depending on the type of notification, we will group any emails within a 1 hour window together before sending you notifications.

Last of all, these improvements should mean more consistent email notifications for all users. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to let us know!

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