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Feb 2023 Product Updates

We are pleased to announce some exciting product updates that were launched in Feb 2023! Our engineering team and account managers have collaborated in a few improvements that we think you'll love-

1. Template Builder Improvements

One of the most powerful features we have at Express Evaluations is our custom evaluation template builder - By allowing you to adapt your existing employee evaluation template, then allowing you to utilize our custom scoring and section assignment, you can have powerful evaluations that really fit your organizations processes.

We've found some ways to improve the process of building evaluations, including the ability to include more questions and sections without negatively impacting performance.

Express Evaluations template builder screenshot
A glimpse of the improved template builder in action

HR Admins can view the changes here.

2. We launched a new and improved website!

Our website now includes more helpful information about our product offerings, the ability to sign up for a free trial of Express Evaluations, and our powerful resource library of best practices for everything related to employee performance and evaluation, including helpful articles for employees and managers as they work on performance evaluations and goals.

3. Additional bug fixes/improvements:

  • Resolved a bug where questions without any options could be saved

  • We now include section scores on evaluation results & finalized PDFs

  • Added a "Peer Completed" indicator on the evaluations table to quickly identify if peer evaluations are complete

  • Fixed the ability to sort by manager on the evaluations table

  • Added a "Activity Log" event in goal details to indicate when a goal was created as part of an evaluation

As always, we are grateful for your feedback and ideas. We look forward to another exciting month as we get into March - Let us know if there is anything we can help you with in the meantime!

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