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The Ultimate List of Strengths for Performance Reviews: 50+ Attributes for Employee Success

Conducting performance reviews is an important part of operating a successful business. Performance reviews are often the source of the feedback and goals that have been proven to keep employees motivated and engaged.

However, conducting them can be difficult. A performance review cheat sheet may be necessary to simplify the process.

That is exactly what you have here. This article will provide you with a list of strengths you can use when filling out performance reviews. It will also explain why using strengths like those found here is important and can lead to better reviews.

Why Phrases Matter in Performance Reviews

When filling out an employee’s strengths in a performance review, you may think that any phrase will work as long as it is true. However, this is not the case. Some phrases are helpful, while others provide little benefit at all.

For example, imagine you fill out a performance review by simply telling an employee they are doing a good job because they are a “good worker.” This generally tells them that they are doing the right thing. However, it doesn’t tell them what they are specifically doing that is good. This gives them no clue what actions they should keep doing in the future.

On the other hand, imagine you fill out a performance review by telling an employee that they are doing a good job because they “regularly show up on time.” This allows them to feel pride in the fact that they have shown up on time in the past and motivates them to keep doing so in the future.

Providing guidance like this is one way to give feedback like a pro. It is a way to provide effective instruction in just a few words.

Performance Review Example Phrases

These are a few positive phrases that can be used when filling out a performance review. These exact phrases can be used, or, in some cases, personal information or details can be used to make the phrase more specific to the employee being evaluated.

Phrases Relating to Performance

  1. Meets all or most of the goals assigned to them

  2. Provides a key skill that is necessary within their team

  3. Regularly improves their performance over time

  4. Has shown marked improvement since their last performance review

  5. Shows pride in their work and in the company they work for

  6. Exceeds the level of work asked of them

  7. Was a key part of making (insert specific job) a success

Phrases Relating to Attitude

  1. Has a cheerful attitude that brings up the people around them

  2. Compliments others on good work and, in doing so, raises the team's morale

  3. Lightens the mood of the entire group through jokes, conversation, or general demeanor

  4. Conveys an attitude of happiness in the workplace

  5. Has clearly earned the trust and respect of their team

  6. Expresses excitement, rather than frustration, when given a difficult task

  7. Shows that they care about their job by (insert specific action here)

Phrases Relating to Time-Management

  1. Is always on time for work and meetings

  2. Is ready to work as soon as they show up

  3. Shows up to a variety of optional meetings and events

  4. Submits assignments and completes projects on time

  5. If they cannot be at work or a meeting, they always make contact ahead of time to explain the issue

  6. Sticks to a schedule that can be relied on

  7. Often shows up early and is ready to start before others

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Phrases Relating to Flexibility

  1. Can help out with a variety of different tasks and projects rather than just a limited scope

  2. Is able to adapt to different roles with ease

  3. Is ready to try new techniques, tactics, or tools to work more effectively

  4. Can see things from the viewpoint of others

  5. Is able to handle constructive criticism when it is given

  6. Finds new ways to complete a task

  7. Properly handles changes within the office or to the work they are given

Phrases Relating to Reliability

  1. Can be relied on to complete the job they are working on, even if it is difficult

  2. Will do whatever it takes to get the job done

  3. Is viewed as a person who the rest of the team can count on

  4. Take responsibility for their mistakes and explain how they will avoid the same mistake in the future

Phrases Relating to Teamwork and Communication

  1. Was one of the most valued members of (insert specific team the employee did well with)

  2. Is viewed positively by other members of the team

  3. Regularly speaks with and holds conversations with the other members of the team

  4. Shows that they care about the other members of the team through their words and actions

  5. Is there to help when others ask for help

  6. Offers to help members of the team who need help, even when they aren’t asked to do so

  7. Knows the other people on their team well

  8. Is one of the reasons the team is able to work as well as it does

  9. Communicates issues with the rest of the team while also taking time to listen to issues that are communicated to them

  10. Is willing to share ideas with the team and encourages others to do the same

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Phrases Relating to Leadership

  1. Understands how to work with the strengths and weaknesses that are present in their team

  2. Avoids bias when working with and evaluating those under them

  3. Provides motivation for the rest of the team

  4. Provides an example that other team members can follow

  5. Listens to others and makes them feel heard

  6. Creates an environment that allows the team to reach success

  7. Helps the team overcome problems when they are presented

  8. Is able to work out issues that arise within the team before they grow out of hand

  9. Manages remote employees well and doesn’t let their distance become an issue

  10. Encourages other members of the team to do better and work harder

Attributes for Employee Success

Any of the phrases listed above can be used when filling out an employee performance review. Using phrases like these will provide specific praise for the employee’s actions or demeanor. This will let them know what they are doing right so that they will continue to do so far into the future.

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