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Express Evaluations Partners

At Express Evaluations, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive innovation and deliver exceptional value to our clients. Our partnerships play a crucial role in expanding our reach, enhancing our offerings, and ensuring the success of our clients' HR performance management initiatives. Here's what you can expect from partnering with us:

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Employee Navigator

At Express Evaluations, we are proud to partner with Employee Navigator, a leading provider of benefits administration software. Through this strategic collaboration, we seamlessly integrate our HR performance management solutions with Employee Navigator's robust platform, offering clients a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline HR processes and enhance employee engagement. Together, we empower organizations to optimize their HR operations and drive success in the modern workplace.

Why Partner With Express Evaluations?

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HR performance management that goes above and beyond:

Partnering with Express Evaluations grants businesses access to cutting-edge HR performance management solutions designed to streamline employee evaluations, feedback processes, and performance tracking. By leveraging our innovative software, businesses can optimize their HR operations, enhance employee engagement, and drive productivity.

Collaboration opportunities:

Partnering with Express Evaluations opens the door to strategic collaboration opportunities with industry leaders, technology innovators, and consulting experts. Through our network of partners, businesses can gain access to additional resources, expertise, and support to address their unique HR challenges and achieve their business objectives.


Access to the best tools and technologies:

As a partner of Express Evaluations, businesses gain access to best-in-class tools and technologies that integrate seamlessly with our platform. Whether it's integrating with HRIS systems, talent management tools, or analytics platforms, our partnerships enable businesses to leverage a comprehensive suite of solutions to optimize their HR performance management processes and drive success in the modern workplace.


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Becoming a partner with Express Evaluations:

Are you interested in becoming a partner with Express Evaluations? We welcome collaborations with organizations that share our commitment to innovation, customer success, and driving positive change in the HR industry. Here's how you can join forces with us:

Explore Partnership Opportunities:

Discover the various partnership opportunities available at Express Evaluations, including strategic alliances, channel partnerships, technology partnerships, and consulting partnerships. Explore how your organization's expertise, resources, and offerings align with our mission and vision for transforming HR performance management.

Contact Us:

Reach out to our partnership team to express your interest in collaborating with Express Evaluations. Whether you're an industry leader, technology innovator, consulting firm, or solution provider, we're eager to explore how we can work together to empower organizations with best-in-class HR performance management solutions.

Collaborate and Innovate:

Once we've established a partnership, we'll work closely with your organization to explore joint initiatives, integrations, and collaborative opportunities. Together, we'll leverage our respective strengths and resources to enhance our offerings, expand our reach, and drive success for our clients.

Drive Success Together:

As partners, we'll be committed to driving success together and delivering exceptional value to our clients. Whether it's integrating our solutions, co-developing new features, or jointly marketing our offerings, our partnership will be built on mutual trust, collaboration, and a shared vision for excellence in HR performance management.

Ready to Partner With Us?

Contact our partnership team today to learn more about partnership opportunities with Express Evaluations. Let's collaborate to empower organizations with innovative HR performance management solutions and drive success in the modern workplace.

  • Q: Is the HR software tailored to specific industries?
    A: Yes, our HR software is designed to accommodate various industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, technology, retail, and finance. It adapts to industry-specific needs, ensuring compliance and efficiency.
  • Q: How does the software address industry-specific challenges?
    A: The software addresses challenges by offering industry-specific modules. For instance, in healthcare, it manages certifications, while in manufacturing, it focuses on workforce scheduling and compliance.
  • Q: How does the HR software assist HR professionals in their roles?
    A: HR professionals benefit from recruitment management, performance reviews, and analytics tools. The software streamlines their tasks, allowing them to focus on strategic HR initiatives.
  • Q: What features are available for managers using the HR software?
    A: Managers can track team performance, set goals, and facilitate communication through the software. Real-time insights into employee productivity aid decision-making for effective team management.
  • Q: Is the HR software suitable for small businesses?
    A: Yes, our software is scalable and ideal for small businesses. It offers essential HR functionalities without overwhelming complexity, including payroll, benefits administration, and compliance tracking.
  • Q: How does the software adapt for medium-sized enterprises?
    A: The software adapts for medium-sized enterprises by offering advanced features like customizable workflows, performance analytics, and integrated learning management systems.
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