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Let's be honest:
Most companies' evaluation processes would score a
"Needs Improvement" rating-

Paper forms, manual email reminders, overly complex "all in one" HRM systems and file storage make employee evaluations an HR nightmare.


It doesn't need to be that way.

Express Evaluations has the tools you need to track and manage employee performance at a price you'll love.

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Why Express Evaluations?

We changed employee evaluation companies two years ago and it was the best management decision we made. Express evaluations has been the best evaluation tool for our company. Easy to navigate and maintain.

Laura Schindler, HR Admin | Google Review

Performance Tools

  • Manager and self evaluations

  • 360 peer feedback

  • Custom evaluation templates

  • Set up evaluations in minutes 

  • No setup fees

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Affordable Pricing Options

Because we've worked in HR, we know how tight budgets can be - Paying more than $4 per employee per month is not feasible or realistic for most organizations. Because of this, we have simple annual plans based on your organization's size with costs as low as $1500 a year.

If you need extra support elevating your performance review process, we have optional services that will help you out as well.

# of Employees        Annual Price

         1 - 50                         $1,500

        51 - 100                      $2,500

       101 - 150                     $3,500

       151 - 200                     $4,500

       201 - 300                     $6,500

       301 - 400                     $8,500

       401 - 500                    $10,500

       501 - 600                    $12,500

       601 - 700                    $14,500

       701 - 800                    $16,500

       801 - 900                    $18,500

           900+                       Let's Talk

How are we different from the competition?

Affordable pricing  as low as $1.75 PEPM

Dedicated Account Rep & Support within 24 hours

Built by HR professionals for HR professionals

With the Right Tools, Everything Is Possible

Any Questions?

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