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Welcome to Express Evaluations!

As HR professionals, we are here to share best practices for employee performance management.

Several years ago, our CEO Albert Foster was an HR Director that needed to find a performance management system. He did demo after demo of systems and found two common situations-

  • Systems were clunky & outdated, requiring significant work to manage


  • Systems were packed to the brim with unnecessary features and prices that were way too high for most organizations ($7-10 per user per month)

Because of this experience, he gathered some trusted colleagues and set out to built an employee evaluation system that would work for the average company. We launched in late 2020 with a beta platform and after gathering feedback, we fully launched in 2021. 🎉

Why should you trust us?

We've been in your shoes before and we get how difficult it is to manage HR in the new, digital world. Things are changing rapidly and organizations need to focus on employee growth and performance to combat the great resignation & remote burnout. Our philosophy in building software is to make things simple enough that any employee can use it, but powerful enough that it makes your job easier.

What can you expect?

We build software that makes your life as an HR professional easier. Besides that, we would love to share lessons learned, useful templates, and other resources regarding evaluating employees, setting organization goals, or gathering and understanding employee feedback.

Thanks for being here with us - If you are interested in seeing how Express Evaluations can help your organization, book a demo with us today!

What brings you to Express Evaluations today?

  • Looking for a new performance management system

  • Learning best practices for employee evaluation processes

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