We are proud partners with Goodwill Benefits Group and are excited to meet you and help improve your employee performance evaluation process-

As a preferred partner, we are currently waving the initial setup fee ($750) so that we can help you get up to speed as soon as possible.

Here’s a brief summary of some of our features-

  1. Employee evaluation process that includes employee self reviews, peer feedback, and manager reviews
  2. Employee goal tracking, integrating goals within the employee’s evaluations
  3. Pulse surveys, an anonymous survey tool that allows you to gather insights from everyone in your organization
  4. Email notifications, advanced customization, reporting, and more!
Drop us a note here and we’ll reach out soon to give you a demo of the system, set up a demo environment, and get you on the path to powerful, insightful improvements to your performance evaluation process today!

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    Unlimited Evaluations
    Advanced Scheduling
    Custom Template Builder
    Powerful Scoring Engine
    Automated Email Reminders
    Peer Evaluations
    Pulse Surveys
    Goal Tracking
    Premium Template Library*