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We believe employee evaluations should be easier- So we built the evaluation platform of our dreams! Here’s a quick overview of some of the features we built- If it sounds interesting to you, we would love to set up a demo or set up a trial environment for you to see for yourself.

Customized Evaluation Templates

Your organization is unique- Our evaluation builder lets you customize your evaluations in order to make them powerful, reusable, and insightful.

Advanced Scheduling Features

Our system lets you set recurring evaluations by person, team, or organization. We'll make sure your evaluations repeat when needed (monthly, annually, etc)

Powerful Scoring Engine

Our evaluation scoring helps easily identify trends in evaluation results, identify bias, and quickly understand true performance.
We let you disable it if that fits your company's culture better.

Easy Employee Managment

Easily manage people and teams using built in import/management tools or use one of our convenient HRM integrations

Email Notifications

We will automatically email employees before evaluations are due, notify managers when evaluations are completed, and send out reminders if they are overdue.


Let your managers and employees create goals and track progress, integrating their results with their evaluations.

Pricing as low as $1000 a year!

See pricing information here


Contact us and let us know what your organizations needs are-

Regardless of our software, we’re glad to help your organization improve your performance evaluation process today!